Small business resilience during COVID-19

Mar 16, 2020 5:54:22 PM / by Christine Su posted in regeneration rising, ranchers, soil health, community


As COVID-19 continues to develop, here at PastureMap we wanted to check in with a message of care for our community. Rest assured that all our operations will continue - we are fortunate to be a remote team that is already working from home in California and Texas. CK will be continue to be available for all PastureMap operations and support. 

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Industry News - Ranchers respond to Impossible Burger, transparency debate heats up, and kelp for super-carbon drawdown meat

Jun 22, 2019 3:46:43 PM / by PastureMap Team posted in Industry News, regenerative agriculture, Grassfed, ranchers, cattle, grazing planning, community


It's been an eventful month in the cattle and regenerative meat industry. What we're reading and watching this month:

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Making Farm Ownership Viable for Young People: Lessons from Luna Field Farm Part I

Jun 22, 2019 12:39:09 PM / by Christine Su posted in new farmers and ranchers, regeneration rising, community


Photos: Luna Field Farm

How Lydia Carpenter and Wian Prinsloo got to farm ownership, nearly a decade after they started their grazing and regenerative meat business.

Our good friends Lydia Carpenter and Wian Prinsloo are the owners of Luna Field Farm near Belmont, Manitoba. Neither of them grew up with a family farm, but were deeply committed to farming as a career since their 20s. They knew they wanted to farm, but had no clear picture how they would work their way into owning land.

Fast forward a decade, and they have built their way from renting pastures, to rolling three-year leases, to owning their own farm in a succession agreement nearly a decade after they started their business.

Part I: Advice to Young Farmers From Luna Field Farm reposted from our blog in 2016. It starts with building a small, portable business to take advantage of leases. Stay tuned for Part II on a deep dive of how they made farm ownership work.

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Womxn in Ranching: Empowering Inclusive Leadership in the West

May 23, 2019 1:36:27 PM / by Christine Su posted in new farmers and ranchers, regeneration rising, regenerative agriculture, community


We couldn't be prouder to support Womxn in Ranching.

We're proud to follow our teammate Erin Kiley's leadership in creating critical spaces of inclusion and belonging. Erin started one of the initial conversations that became Womxn* in Ranching (WinR), in a hallway conversation at Quivira Conference. Erin Kiley asked for more spaces for womxn like herself in the ranching community. Just a year later, Womxn in Ranching is 80 members strong, with a 300+ person waitlist. As a leader in WinR, Erin has helped create 5 Circles in California, Montana, and New Mexico. In her day job, Erin is the Grazing Management and Rancher Success Lead at PastureMap. 

When womxn rise, we all rise. 

"Womxn in Ranching is not just about womxn, and not just about ranchers. It's about answering the calling of “how do we belong to the land?” and “how do we belong to each other?” The answers reverberate far beyond the circles of womxn, and ranchers, from where these questions originate."  - Our CEO, Christine Su, belongs to Circle Two at TomKat Ranch in CA.  

The WinR fundraiser has one week left, and has reached 70% of their funding goal. Donate now for a 3x funding match. Achieving $10k will unlock $30k total from matching partners to build WinR Circles in every Western State.

Donate here:

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