FastCompany Highlights Regenerative Ranching and Soil Health in Green New Deal Coverage

Jun 28, 2019 4:57:26 PM / by Christine Su posted in carbon sequestration, regeneration rising, regenerative agriculture, sustainable agriculture, grazing management, grazing planning, soil health


We are very grateful that Ainsley Harris at FastCompany highlighted regenerative ranching in full long-form coverage today. This was a several month process of working with a thoughtful journalist on soil health, research studies, invitations to conferences, etc.. We learned a lot about how much it takes for a smart, engaged journalist to ramp up on an issue as complex and in-depth as regenerative agriculture.

Read FastCompany's full coverage here: The Green New Deal Wants Farmers to Restore the Land, Not Keep Wrecking It

Please share widely. Mainstream media and thoughtful journalists are beginning to take notice.

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