A New Chapter for PastureMap

Jun 2, 2020 7:45:00 AM / by Christine Su

After six years of building PastureMap from the ground up, George and I are proud to announce that we’ve found the right successors to acquire PastureMap and to invest in its next stage of growth. We are excited to welcome Lew Moorman and Ed Byrne of Soilworks Natural Capital, a public benefit corporation devoted to expanding the regenerative agriculture economy, based out of San Antonio, Texas. 


I’m excited to share what Soilworks brings to the table: a strong technology team, a proven track record in growing software startups, and aligned mission and values for regenerative agriculture. 


As many succession stories in ranching go, this relationship developed over time. I first got to know Lew as a customer who had used PastureMap for several years on his Texas ranch. He reached out a couple years ago and introduced himself. I learned that he was a seasoned and thoughtful technology investor, with a track record of 20+ years building successful software companies. He told us that if we ever considered selling the business, he would be interested in making an offer. 


In late 2019, when George and I started thinking about transition, Lew was one of the first calls we made. I met Lew’s business partner Ed Byrne, who traveled to San Francisco to meet with me in person. Ed grew up with family ties to agriculture in Ireland, I was similarly impressed by Ed’s commitment to soil health and a regenerative ag future. 


Over the early months of 2020, we talked to a number of interested parties. Ultimately, we became convinced that Lew, Ed, and Soilworks Natural Capital would be the best team to take PastureMap’s platform and grow the business. 


Moving forward, George and I have stepped back from day-to-day operations into advisory roles, to assist new management in their transition. When it comes to succession, the ranching community can relate: it’s important to know when to step back for the long term success of the business. It’s bittersweet yet joyful, to watch your first company stand on its own and grow beyond you. 


I am so grateful to have been on this amazing journey, and to have gained all the relationships in the regenerative agriculture community over the course of building PastureMap. I look forward to continuing many friendships as I make my next move in the mission-driven tech space. Meanwhile, I’m glad that PastureMap is in good hands in these uncertain times, and looking forward to what the future holds.


With gratitude,

Christine Su

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Christine Su

Written by Christine Su

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