New ToDo List Feature For Better Project Management

Nov 7, 2022 11:59:03 AM / by PastureMap Team

Within PastureMap, you’ve had plans and you’ve had team members, but you haven’t been able to break plans down into specific tasks and assign them to your team. Until now!

Introducing the new ToDo list feature on PastureMap:

  • Build out multiple ToDo lists
  • Assign tasks to yourself and team members
  • Organize, search, and sort your tasks
  • Cross off your completed tasks

todo list

Better Project Management

In addition to basic graze planning and pasture mapping, you may already be utilizing some helpful team and project management features within PastureMap, such as:

  • Turning staff phones into offline GPS
  • Tracking rainfall
  • Keeping records at herd and animal level
  • Tracking photos and notes
  • Exporting compliance reports for stock and pastures
  • Comparing actual grazing records to your plans

But now, you can officially increase productivity of your team by tracking and assigning all the tasks of your operation within PastureMap. Keep reading to learn how!

Build Out Multiple Lists

You can set up multiple lists to track different types of tasks. This is up to your preference, but some examples would be: 

  • Ranch ToDo List
  • Team ToDo List
  • Pasture/Paddock/Subdivision ToDo List

The options are endless!

Create and Assign Tasks

Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 9.13.15 AM

Within your lists, you can create tasks and assign them to yourself or a team member. You’ll fill out the title of the task and any additional (optional) information, including: 

  • Status
  • Due Date (Any tasks Past Due will be Highlighted in red)
  • Assignee (Team Members, Consultants, and/or Yourself)
  • Any Details

This feature will streamline your project management so you can focus less on administration and more on your pasture.

Organize Your Tasks

With so many tasks to complete, organizing them in the best way possible will help you to complete them more efficiently.

Within your Todo Lists, you will be able to "Search" for a task either on the “Show All” page or within specific lists. When searching, you can look up the Task by:

  • Name
  • Phrase used
  • Date (m/d/yr)

You can also sort tasks either manually, alphabetically, or chronologically, and/or filter by tasks that have already been completed.

search and sort on ToDo list

Learn ToDo List…Done!

Now that you’ve learned what you can do within your new ToDo List feature, it’s time to start making your lists and creating tasks.


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